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Our School Projects

Baljeet Nagar School

Our flagship school is an education center for the local neighbourhood children of Baljeet Nagar, New Delhi. The school is run by Sonu Kaur, an amazing and inspiring woman who is dedicated to helping women and children create a bright future by providing them with education.

Our children receive an education in the local language in most major subjects as well as English lessons from volunteers, art and drawing. We currently have 60 children attending classes at our school. 


Nehru Nagar Slum School

Our second school, which is located inside the Prem Negar slum area is a school we have been involved with since 2012. Here we provide an education to around 60 children who live in the slum area. Classes are help from 3:00pm-5:00pm, Monday - Friday. These students recieve a basic education in Hindi, Maths and English. Most of the children attending classes here come from very poor backgrounds and do not recieve any other form of education; they range from 4-14 years old, many of them having to work during the day before coming attending our classes in the afternoon. Our fantastic teacher is Miss Pooja Singh, who is a former student of ours turned teacher at our school, grew up in the Prem Negar area.


Zakheera Slum School

In the Zakheera slum area, also known as Khada, nearly all of the children we are teaching receive no other form of formal education. They come from extremely impoverished backgrounds, most of whom are working for the family to help provide them with enough income to put food on the table. Many of the families of the children are migrants from other parts of India such as Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. They move to New Delhi in hope of work and a better future, but many are forced to live in slum areas and struggle to find enough income to feed their families.

By teaching these children and their parents to realise the importance of education, we hope to contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty in the Zakheera Slum area.


Pandav Nagar Slum School

The school in Pandav Nagar slum is our most recently opened school. The children here come from very artistic families, some of whom are puppet-makers and puppeteers who tour India and abroad with their famous puppet show. These children tend to learn best with visual aids and through talking and chanting. Of all the slums where Thriveseed educates children, this slum has the most traditional view of women. The women here have to wear traditional dress, often cover their heads and sometimes their faces too. They are not allowed to leave the slum area or they risk being outcast by their friends and families. Thriveseed hopes to educate the girls in this community in particular, so that they may break free from this life style and be able to survive in the wider world.