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Our Goals

Short Term Goals

1st of Four Permanent School Buildings

As the cost of rent rises in our current school buildings, ThriveSeed has set out to raise funds to open our first permenant primary school building in one of the four slums where we already operate. In this way, we will give the most underprivilaged children access to toilets, computers, books, and a safe space to learn the skills they need to build a brighter future. 

Thriveseed Responsible Tourism

We have launched a new initiative called Thriveseed Responsible tourism. Look at the page on our website (under Our Projects) to find out more!

Pandav Nagar

There are currently problems in Pandav Nagar school. The government is tearing down the buildings in this slum as these buildings are built illegally on government land. Thriveseed is unsure of how the future will pan out for the residents of this slum and we want to do everything in our power to help them and to continue to provide free education to those who need it most.


Long Term Goals

Moving forward, we will work to open permanent school buildings in all four slums, so that every child can enjoy the countless benefits quality education offers them. In addition to our 4 primary schools, we want to open one main elementary school where our older students can go to continue their education beyond fifth grade. This school would have many rooms, teachers, and resources for the children to begin learning at levels equal to those of children living in middle-class Indian families.

All of this future development is in the faith that our students will use the knowledge and skills we equip them with to begin making positive changes within their communities. This will include advocating for women’s rights, greater care for the environment, more ambitious career choice, etc, etc.