How You Can Help!

Donate to Thrive Seed
Make a one-off donation or become a monthly donor, and help disadvantaged children get the education they deserve.


Volunteer with Thrive Seed
Experience first hand the difference Thrive Seed is making in the communities where we work. 
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Donate to Thrive Seed and make a difference!

Here's what your generous donations mean to us:

Donations are a fundamental key to the long term success of Thrive Seed. The organisation is run entirely on a volunteer basis. This ensures the your donation goes directly to our projects and to the children.

We greatly appreciate one-off donations, but we highly encourage monthly donors.

We encourage you to give what you are comfortable with. Whether it is $5 or $500, your donation will make a difference to many lives!






Monthly Donors are Thrive Seed Members!

As a regular donor, you will be an official member of Thrive Seed. You will also have the opportunity to visit the children, or volunteer at the school. This will give you a unique chance to see with your own eyes the direct positive impact you are having on the lives of these wonderful children.

As a member of Thrive Seed you will receive regular updates on our projects and accomplishments, and more information about the children you are helping.

Here is an example of the positive impact your donation will have on the school:

  • A $10 monthly donation will give the gift of education to a child for an entire month, including books, pencils and paper.
  • $40-$50 a month can help build a library for the school along with the books and interactive teaching materials that go with it.
  • $200 a month is the cost of hiring a permanent full-teacher.