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Our Team


Sonu Kaur is a teacher and social worker, born in Nepal and now residing in New Delhi. A truly amazing and inspiring woman who is dedicated to helping women and children create a bright future by helping them through education. Her philosophy is: Caring, sharing and helping people is life.


Residing in Perth, Western Australia, David is the Chairperson of Thrive Seed in Australia. David is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.


Miss Babita 

Miss Babita teaches at our school in Baljeet Nagar. She is a dedicated and hardworking teacher and is currently taking a teacher training course

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja teaches at Nehru Nagar school and co-ordinates our women's empowerment project in Nehru Nagar. She is taking a course in design and hopes to follow this path in the future. Pooja is truly inspirational in all that she does

Miss Rajkumari

Miss Rajkumari teaches at Zakheera school. Despite not being allowed to leave Zakheera she has managed to get an education and takes one trip out of the slum each day in order to attend university

Mrs Sonia

Mrs Sonia teaches at Pandav Nagar school. She is a mother of three and comes from a community where women have not been allowed to work, but are fighting for their rights. This is our newest school and Mrs Sonia is great at dealing with the children here

Miss Komal

Miss Komal teaches sewing as part of the women's empowerment project in Pandav Nagar. The women here are very artistic and Komal makes the most of this to teach them new skills